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Rise of the Orisha universe

Rise of the Orisha' unveils an exhilarating fantasy universe based upon the ancient West African deities known as Orisha, who are followed by over 100 million people globally. This is a collection of stories, spanning millenia, told across film, TV, graphic novels, video games and podcasts. This universe is a captivating kaleidoscope of West African gods, demons, mystic forces, and relentless action, an immersive testament to the under-sung cosmology of the Yoruba people.

Here, the Orisha—primordial entities as ancient as the universe itself—reincarnate in human guise throughout the annals of time. Each emergence, however, is more than a simple birth; it heralds epochs of turbulence, omens of cataclysmic doom that ripples across our world's fabric. Their reappearance remains shrouded in mystery: Why do they return? Why in clusters? And why does their advent invariably coincide with seismic events within humanity's chronicle?

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