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Introducing the debut novel of exciting new novelist I.S.U Nedion. 'She cries at night' distinguishes itself as a psychological thriller set in Africa. 
With the haunting atmosphere of an Ira Levin classic  or Dennis Wheatley book,  She cries at night is a plot twisting mind bender, that will leave readers pondering after they have turned the last page.


"Early one morning Esther returns back from a relaxing holiday only to find the house she left doesn't seem to be the same. A mysterious bracelet that no-one can explain and strange cries at night that only she can hear, lead Esther to feel that her house is no longer safe. With everyone around her thinking, she is insane, there is only one person she can truly confide in. 

- Is Esther a victim of a sinister plot or the illusions of her troubled mind?"